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5 Attractive Destinations in Thai Binh


Famous for the name of “the 5 homelands of 5 tons”, however, Thai Binh has not only immense rice fields. On arriving, visitors will enrapture with the beauty, the fun in each destination of this land.

  1. Dong Chau Beach

Dong Chau Beach - Thai Binh Vietnam

About 35km from Thai Binh city toward the provincial road going to Kien Xuong – Tien Hai, Dong Chau beach is located on Dong Minh Commune – Tien Hai district. Dong Chau beach is not very beautiful, but it owns extremely cool climate, suitable for convalescence, rest and especially, the seafood here is very cheap and tasty. Since the beach sand contains mud, so it is also suitable for aquaculture. Visitors will see firsthand the fields of clam with numerous watchtowers contributing to creative the special feature for Dong Chau.

  1. Con Vanh

Considered the gateway to the Gulf of Tonkin, Con Vanh owns gorgeous beach with sand stretching and is a great destination loved by a lot of visitors. The point that makes up the appeal of Con Vanh is smooth sand stretching. Here, every morning, visitors can go very far to swim while the water level is still only of chest high. However, the waves in Con Ring are quite big, so visitors can feel the strength of nature, of the ocean when the waves cover their head. In addition, the green Casuarina trees will be great highlights for those who are interested in taking photos.

Con Vanh Island in Thai Binh Vietnam

Apart from that, coming to Con Vanh, visitors will be able to enjoy the immensely interesting experience to ride the waves, relax watching the sea at night, or enjoy yourself in nature and feel the cool sea breeze carrying the salty taste of the ocean sea. Con Vanh is also the ideal place to host group games such as volleyball, fishing or a barbecue party on the beach.

  1. Con Den

Con Den Eco Tourism in Thai Binh

About 35km from Thai Binh city to the west, Con Den located on the world biosphere reserve with a still intact vegetation is also a tourist destination that can not be ignored. From a distance, Con Den appears as a tapestry woven by countless trees. Running along the sand dunes, there is the green line of pine trees and the pristine vegetation inside with unique coastal mangroves ecosystems. Travelers who are looking for a place to relax and regain his balance after a tiring day in the hustling city, the Con Den is an extremely suitable destination.

  1. Tien La Temple

Tien La Temple

Is a historic spiritual site worshipping General Bat Nan Vu Thi Thuc, a famous female general who deserved credit for expelling To Dinh during Hai Ba Trung movement, Tien La Temple is located in the center of the Tien La village, Doan Hung Commune, Hung Ha district? The temple consists of various sections such as the temple gate system, upper hall, along with the system of pearl wells, temple grounds… The entire temple was built according to the structure of “Tien Nhat- Hau Dinh” (Nhat and Dinh are two characters in Chinese) with antique-style of pillars, roof whose shapes are like the dragons flying up.” A special feature of Tien La temple is that all the building materials in the sanctum are made of stone.

  1. Keo Pagoda

Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh -Famous Pagoda in the North

Keo Pagoda. located on Duy Nhat commune, Vu Thu district is one of the most famous ancients temples in Vietnam and was recognized as a national historical – cultural heritage by Ministry of Culture. The famous architectural work of Keo Pagoda is bell tower of 11,04m with 3 rooftops. The first floor has a stone gong of 1,87m long. On the second floor, there is the bell cast in 1686 and the third floor is home to the bell made in 1796.

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