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9 Must-Try Experiences in Bac Ha Market


Let’s go to Bac Ha market (Lao Cai) on Sunday to enjoy local specialties such as thang co, sour pho, corn cake, visit the dog market or buy brocade souvenirs.

Eating snacks: From 7am the food stalls are available around all the corners of Bac Ha market. When you enter the main entrance, you will meet the cake and other snack stalls on both sides of the road as well as in the market.

bac ha market

Enjoying thang co, a special dish from horse: this is one of the famous specialties not only of Bac Ha but also the North West. The big pan of thang co full of steam in the corner of Bac Ha market is also an attractive feature of this highland market, especially on cool winter days.

bac ha market 2

Breakfast with sour pho: Another popular delicacy of Bac Ha people is sour pho (noodle soup). The dining area of this market also has a lot of noodle restaurant to choose from. The bowl full of sour pho with meat, pickles, noodles, herbs, peppers, salt… is so attractive to tourists.

bac ha market 3

Buying wild plants, orchids: There is an area at the gate of the market selling a lot of orchids with many kinds.
Buying medicinal plants, such as Pseudoginseng, tuber fleeceflower, Indian Mulberry… are harvested locally from all over the region and brought to the market to sell. That’s why visitors can also find them here to use or take them home as gifts for friends and family.

bac ha market 4

Chatting with local people: They are the ones who have chance to go to the market once every week to dress up, buy and sell the agricultural products they have. Both domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the opportunity to explore life as well as have the opportunity to photograph and interact with local people.

bac ha market 6

Buying souvenirs made from brocade: Brocade of Bac Ha people not only be used to make the goods for daily life but also create many souvenir products to meet the needs of visitors. Bac Ha Market has a large area for brocades so visitors need to pay careful attention when buying to avoid fake products or poor quality.

bac ha market 7

Enjoy corn wine: One of the famous drinks of the North West is Ban Pho corn wine – specialty of H’Mong people, Dao in Bac Ha. The corn wine sale area is located right next to the entrance to brocade area. Although not interested in this drink, you still feel so good about the wine’s flavour when passing here.

bac ha market 8

Visiting the cattle and poultry market: This area is located at the end of the Bac Ha market, on a high hill separated from the area of brocade, food or fresh food. Here you can see people trading from dogs, chickens and pigs to cattle … The site where people sell and buy dogs is often crowded because there are many other local people who also go to the market to find a pet.

bac ha market 9

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