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Best Cafes in Hanoi for Losting Souls


Xofa cafe

The restaurant has a very Western design both indoor and outdoor. Table and chairs are set everywhere: inside the house, yard, balcony, even to the walkway…the owner also arrange the seating area for guests. On New Year’s Days, Xofa is still as busy as usual.

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Cabine Hanoi

Starting from the first café in Hang Ga, Cabine is loyal to its rustic style, does not pay much attention to the sophisticated design of tables and chairs, keeping the original brickwork of the old house – another nostalgic feature of Hanoi in the old days. The second and third one in Doi Can and Hang Bai have a more modern style, wide view, suitable for young people.

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Fika cafe is located on Lo Duc street, in the North European style with youthful, rustic space. Fika is noticed by many guests thanks to the beautiful furniture and design both indoors and outdoors. Many people show their interest with the information that the café will open throughout the Tet holiday, so they can have another address to hangout.

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9NKC House

Located on Nguyen Khac Can street, close to the Opera House, 9NKC House has long been known as a gourmet restaurant and cafe. After changing the layout of the vintage, the 9NKC House is decorated with bright white patches, many windows to catch sunlight and enjoy green trees.

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Puku Cafe

Puku is also the first coffee shop in Hanoi serving guest 24/24, so it’s not strange that the café will open throughout Tet holidayy. Visitors to Puku are mainly tourists or gout guests. There are both outdoor and indoor spaces, like a small house: there are seats in the house, on the second floor, in the courtyard, making guests feel as cozy as their home.

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The Kafe

From the first year of its opening, The Kafe has followed the policy of opening in the New Year to thoughtful serve guests. Currently, you can visit The Kafe system in many locations throughout Hanoi, but the largest is still in Dien Bien Phu. The Kafe’s advantage is beautifully and artistically displayed food, satisfying the guests who like taking pictures.

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Wanna Waffle

With spacious space but still very cozy, central location, the restaurant is a reasonable destination for spring meeting. You can enjoy waffles with colorful designs and up-to-date beverages.

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Cong cafe

Cong café is the popular name in Hanoi, even in the New Year. Coming here at the beginning of the year, you can feel the atmosphere of an old Tet in nostalgic atmosphere from the old time. Cong café can be found in many addresses throughout the city so it is very convenient for you to choose a stopover in your tours in Hanoi.

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