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Enjoy your Honeymoon in Thailand


Actually, nothing is more wonderful than the moment you can enjoy romantic natural sceneries with your lover in a stunning place. If you are newly-married couples, a honeymoon in Thailand definitely will be a perfect choice for you to enjoy sweet love memories and create unforgettable experiences together.  From picturesque islands and pristine beaches to thousands of glittering temples, you will never regret when having your honeymoon trip in Thailand

Honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand is famous with the name “Land of smiles” with beautiful beaches such as Phuket Pattaya and so on. With the excellent quality of services in Thailand,  every citizen is tourism ambassadors who are always helpful, friendly and hospitable. For years, Thailand is the perfect choice for the couples all around the world to enjoy their sweet honeymoons in a paradise country.

If you want to enjoy beautiful moments with your partner in a quiet and private place, there are a wide variety of choices such as the romantic coasts, Phuket island with spectacular natural sceneries or the paradise island Krabi…In Thailand, you and your spouse can have a romantic walk along the beach, in the context of deep blue sky bringing about relaxing and wonderful moments.

Honeymoon in Thailand

With the hope of enjoying sweet moments of love, the two you can also choose a sweet honeymoon cruise on a luxury yacht to have an adventure travel on the sea to the Gulf of Thailand or to the beautiful island of Phuket, Krabi, the twin Phi Phi Island, Tarutao and so on. The romantic feeling is always beside two of you when traveling by ship or boat on the sea or journeying along the river. You will enjoy the alone static space and endless landscapes with great services from hotels and staff.

Honeymoon in Thailand

Noticeably, a beautiful island of Thailand, Phuket is a popular honeymoon destination wich is surrounded by 36 smaller islands and wonderful sights. It is highly suggested that you should visit it at least once in your lifetime. It offers beautiful beaches, sandy shores, blue sea water so that you can totally relax and be involved in many other interesting activities.

Moreover, Krabi is another ideal destination compared to Phuket. It is a coastal province located in the south with stunning beaches. It is not noisy and crowded as Phuket, not as expensive as Koh Samui, not hard to get to as Koh Tao, Krabi is a destination which is easy to come. This is a quiet place which is suitable for those who want to find themselves in a gentle seaside city, brilliant sunset and coastlines. The island is outstanding with white sandy beaches, blue water, diving areas and various shops.

Honeymoon in Thailand

Ko Tarutao Island is also known as the pearl paradise island with the blue untouched beach and beautiful white sands. Next to Ko Tarutao island is Ao Son beach located in the west of the island. This beach is an ideal destination for tourists to relax. All the things here have brought about the happiness, peace and satisfaction to many travelers. Besides, visitors can sailboats to enjoy the scenery and do other wonderful activities such as snorkeling, swimming, watching abundant forests and viewing lovely animals like turtles, monkeys, monkey, crabs and wild pigs which are very popular on the island.

Honeymoon in Thailand

If the two of you are busy and cannot stay long in Thailand, the Bangkok is also an interesting choice for your honeymoon. Bangkok is a well-equipped city with world-top shopping centers where visitors can stay and have a good access to sightseeing, shopping and dining. It is known as a city of rich history, fabulous shopping centers, a colorful nightlife and tasty food. Although Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the world, you can easily find traditional and spiritual features at one of many ancient temples here. Moreover, both of you can enjoy tasty Thai cuisine or the cuisine of countries around the world and feel excited with many cultural activities in the city.

Thailand is obviously an ideal destination for newly-married couples who want to spend most of their time together in a beautiful and special place. Thailand will help them to create the most memorable and romantic moments together. Thanks to the beauty and friendliness of people, Thailand makes a strong positive impression on international travelers. Romancing on a cruise or dining at a splendid restaurant, Thailand provides all necessary things for the love birds coming in for their honeymoon.

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