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Khe Hai – The Natural and Pristine Beach


In the hot days in the coastal area, travelling to Khe Hai, immersing into the blue-clean water, enjoying rustic dishes, you will find the calm in your soul.

khe hai

Khe Hai Beach is located in Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son District (Quang Ngai), about several kilometers from Dung Quat pier to the west. Next to the beach is Rang Beach belonging to Chu Lai, Nui Thanh District (Quang Nam).

Travelling along no. 1 Highway, from Chau O Town, Binh Son District, you just go to the north for 7 km to reach Doc Soi intersection. From there, along the path towards Dung Quat pier, go further 3 km and turn to the north for 1.5 km, follow the soil path passing through pine forests you will reach the beach.

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The beach sets in depth in Dung Quat Bay so the waves are quite gentle; the heart of the sea is quite clean without sudden whirlpools so it is safe for children to swim here.

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This season, at around 4.30 pm, the people from Chau O Town and surrounding villages, after a day of hard work, gather on the beach to swim and breathe fresh air.

Khe Hai Beach is still pristine. After swimming and playing in the water, tourists could order steamed clams, boiled crabs with salt pepper, grilled shrimp or shrimp soup.

khe hai 4

In the area of Trung An village, Binh Thanh Commune, there are immense sand hills. This is home to salamander. Along with grilled salamander, salamander porridge is a favorite dish many tourists.

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Bathe on the beach and enjoy delicious dishes. When the stomach is full, it’s time when the night falls.

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