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Top 8 Awesome Street Foods for Winter Travel in Hanoi


Hot pot: hot boiling broth radiates attractive steam, warm pink flames, hot delicious meat and vegetable pieces… these reasons are enough for hot pot to always be called whenever the cold weather is with you in Hanoi tours. There are countless kinds of hot pot for guests to choose from: hot pot of chicken, beef, duck, seafood, crab, ribs… There are many streets famous for hotpot like Phung Hung, Pho Duc Chinh, Truc Bach …

Barbecue: In the cool air of the winter in Hanoi, sitting together with friends by the red warm charcoal fire, grilling the meat skewers, eating the hot barbecue is the pleasures of many people. The list for grills increasingly stretches: pig belly meat, pork, beef, mushrooms, ribs, vegetables, bread, stomach, seafood,… The delicious level depends on marinating skill, sauces and spices of each restaurant. The most famous places for this dish are Quan Su, Gam Cau Street, Bach Mai, Bich Cau …

Steak: hot steak with undercooked beef, eggs are also not bad choices when it’s cold outside. Most restaurants serve steak on an iron pan to keep heat and continue to make the food well cooked when bring it to their guests. In addition to beef, the indispensable food to eat together including fried potatoes, some pate, egg, sausage, meatballs and many more kinds of vegetables.

Hot banh duc: Not a popular dish but hot banh duc is mentioned a lot in the winter. Not simply banh duc with fish sauce, nowadays this rustic dish is added with more attractive components to increase its taste, for example: minced pork, fried tofu, quail egg, onion and aromatic broth. The famous address for this dish is in an alley on Le Ngoc Han Street

Rib Porridge: This dish can be eaten all year round without bored but not until it gets cold, diners can fully feel all the pleasure of enjoying it. The hot bowl of rib porridge spreads warmth from your hand to the whole body. The fat in your porridge flour mingles with the aroma of crispy oil stick (Chinese cruller), sweet taste of dried meat and of cartilage. The sidewalk restaurant on Ly Quoc Su Street is the most famous place for this dish.

Banh troi Tau – Chinese stuffed sticky rice balls: The sweetness of the cake seems to be milder and softer in the cool air, so even those who are not sweet tooth also miss this dessert when the time for winter comes. A bowl of Banh Troi Tau usually consists of 2 balls with 2 different kinds of filling: black sesame and green beans, served with a little greasy roasted peanuts. This dish is also attractive with the hot brown liquid made of water, sugar, and grated ginger root. Address for the dish: Hang Can, Hang Dieu, Bach Mai

Hot sweet soup: The green bean, black bean sweet soup for winter has a different version from the summer version: it is viscous, always put on the stove to keep hot. The seller only put it on the bowl when clients come and add some more thin slices of coconut, which is so attractive. In Hanoi, there is another version of this dish which is very famous: ba cot sweet soup, made from sticky rice, sugar and ginger in Bat Dan, sometimes it is served with some green bean sticky rice.

Hot oil stick (Chinese cruller): Commonly eaten as a side dish but oil stick with sweet and sour sauce is very suitable for winter. Compared to the kind served with noodle, hot oil stick is often more fragrant and more delicious. In addition, the secret is also in the bowl of sauce with pickled kohlrabi and carrots. You can try out the giant hot oil stick on Nguyen Khang Street.

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