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Top 9 Destinations for Your Trip to Can Tho, Vietnam


Being the center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho tourism brings you a unique and interesting experience of the life along the Mekong.

1. Cai Rang Floating Market

Regarding to Can Tho, it is sure that Cai Rang floating market is well known. This is almost a must-see when traveling to Can Tho. Floating market is a typical culture of people in the South West that you can hardly find in other localities. Especially Cai Rang floating market is one of the five largest floating markets in the Mekong Delta.

Trip to Can Tho 1
You should visit it in the morning – the time when the market is active and crowded. All the shopping and dining activities are held on the river, and you will definitely enjoy the experience here.

2. Can Tho Bridge

Can Tho Bridge is a bridge across Hau River, connecting Can Tho City and Vinh Long Province. Completed in 2010, this is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia: 550m long. Total length of the whole route is 15.85km and width is 23.1m.

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On the weekends or holidays, the Can Tho Bridge is lit by thousands of colorful bulbs that make the Hau River glitterig. At Ninh Kieu wharf, there is a boat service to take you out to the middle of the river to see the beautiful Can Tho Bridge at night.

3. Binh Thuy ancient house

The ancient house of Binh Thuy in Can Tho city is a wooden house with two roofs, built by the Duong family in 1870. The house is designed in French style from the outside but traditional style inside with Vietnamese decorations.

Trip to Can Tho 5
The items in the house are made of rare and exquisite carved wood, associated with activities in the south-western wetland. Moreover, this place has preserved many valuable antiques for more than 140 years.

4. Ninh Kieu wharf

If the capital is proud of One Pillar Pagoda, Sowrd Lake and Turtle Tower, Hue has a tomb system, Can Tho people are proud of Ninh Kieu wharf. Ninh Kieu wharf is now called Ninh Kieu Park by the locals. It is not only a waterfront but also a place of tourism and culture.

Trip to Can Tho 6
Ninh Kieu Wharf, overlooking the Hau Giang red river, is located in the prime location, interference on the right bank of the Hau River, at the confluence of Hau River and Can Tho River. The area of Ninh Kieu wharf now has a night market and a lot of restaurants and eateries for you to enjoy exploring Mekong Delta nightlife.

5. Love Bridge

Although newly opened, the Love Bridge in Ninh Kieu wharf connects Cai Khe Islet attracts many visitors to admire. The pedestrian bridge is located in a nice place: between the Hau River junction, standing on the bridge can look quite clearly Can Tho Bridge, Au islet and almost panoramic Ninh Kieu wharf.

Trip to Can Tho 7
In addition, in the afternoon, the pedestrian bridge is a familiar place for travelers to Can Tho and people in the city.

6. Can Tho Sea

Can Tho Sea is a man-made beach, about 400 meters bank of the river was filled by more than 1 million cubic meters of sand to make a beach without mud. From the sea, visitors can see Can Tho bridge at a close distance. Here there are attractive water games such as water motor, kayak, banana float …

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The cafés along the beach displaying chairs along the beach are covered by coconut trees with wide, close and cool shade. The right time to come here is in the afternoon, because the weather is cool, mild, very suitable for enjoying the atmosphere and landscape.

7. Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery is located in My Nhon hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district. It is the largest monastery in the Southwest. The main hall is of the Tran dynasty’s style roof. Drum and bell tower was built in the style of Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh province.

Trip to Can Tho 10
Inside the main hall, in the middle is a 300-ton bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni carved in a sitting posture and holding a flower, the two sides are the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra and Bodhisattva Manjushri which are very lively and delicate. .

8. My Khanh orchard

From Can Tho city, follow Nguyen Van Cu road to Soc Trang direction, you will find My Khanh garden – a famous garden in the South. With over 20 kinds of trees planted along the path such as: plum, mango, rambutan, jackfruit, berry, durian … The trees are always fresh, fruitful, with unique taste, will bring you a relaxing and gentle feeling.

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Especially, there are many interesting folk games such as: pig racing, dog racing, monkey circus, crocodile hunting … suitable for groups of friends or family to relax over the weekend.

9. Noodle house

Trip to Can Tho 11
From the city about 4 km along the direction of Cai Rang, to the foot of Rau Lam bridge, you can turn right along the asphalt road about 500m to the house of Mr. Sau Hoai. This is a famous place for domestic and international tourists because he combines doing business in gardening, processing noodle, eco-tourism and culinary tourism. Visitors will visit the traditional noodle production facilities (flour milling, baking, drying, spinning, wrapping), fruit orchards and enjoy dishes prepared from noodle products such as: pork noodle soup with pork bone, fried noodles, crispy fried noodles, coconut milk.

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