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Vanda Garden Hill – The New Homestay in Da Lat for Tourists


Dalat has never been less attractive to tourists, so updating the pretty homestay for next trip is not useless, isn’t it?
Although only recently opened, Vanda Garden Hill Dalat has attracted many young people to relax, experience and check-in by the unique, peaceful and romantic of the property.

Vanda Garden Hill

This lovely Homestay is located at 39 Trieu Viet Vuong, only 10 minutes by car from the center of the city, so it is convenient to have both green resort experiences and enjoy the famous places of Da Lat.

Vanda Garden Hill 2

Vanda Garden Hill Dalat has many rooms for you to choose from such as: Big Owl Double Room, Little Owl Single Room, Full Moon Single Room … All of the furniture in the rooms at Vanda Garden Hill Dalat are entirely made by hand from wood.

Vanda Garden Hill 4

In particular, Vanda Garden Hill Dalat also offers the super cute triangular bungalows along the slope for the couple. These bungalows are the Cabin House which is loved by young people. Cabin House is simply furnished with warm colors, especially the view overlooking the green garden. You can imagine in the cool early morning in Da Lat, open your eyes to enjoy the open space, green trees, it can make the soul relaxing. And then you are in your tiny “nest”, curled up in a blanket or sip a cup of hot coffee to start a wonderful new day.

Vanda Garden Hill 5

If you do not like the small bungalow, you can book the room inside the villa. In case of large group, you can rent the whole villa!

Vanda Garden Hill 6

Vanda Dalat also offers BBQ dinner and small campfire. A portion of BBQ for each person is 120,000 VND (USD 5)/person with full of pork, shrimp, chicken and other fresh vegetables. Raw materials and BBQ place are prepared, so now you just go down, grill and enjoy them only. You can enjoy an interesting evening with your friends, songs , the hot pot and the red fire. And after the party, everyone returns to their small house to have a good sleep.

Vanda Garden Hill 7

Currently Cabin House’s price is 300,000 VND (USD 12) / night / 2 people. In addition, the rooms in the villa have many different rates: double room Big Owl at 450,000 VND (USD 18)/ night, small single room Little Owl at 249,000 VND (USD 10)/ night, big single room Full Moon at 379,000 VND (USD 15)/ night.

Vanda Garden Hill 8

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